Training on Westwater Canyon in July 2011

I went on a Westwater trip this past week doing some training for a newer boatmen and it was quite the exciting ride. Having been a commercial boatmen for over 20 years I was more calm about it all than I thought I’d be, altho I did wear my 24lb Grand Canyon lifejacket! The new boatmen did a great job; I only had to grab the oar once while we were running Little D and only yelled a command one other time right before the hit at Skull! He did awesome, and actually reads water really well, altho he’s new to being on the oars. If you haven’t run Westwater yet, you should give Canyon Voyages in Moab, Utah a call and get on one of our commercial trips. There’s quite a few launch dates in later August and Sept, so you should be able to get one that will match the date you need. Let them know you read this on our blog and we’ll see you soon!

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