California Surf vs Moab Surf

Just back from an incredible California vacation. So sunny, So warm, So much ocean – and then arriving back in Moab Utah to cloudy skies, dropping temps and BIG storm coming. Are returns from vacation always so dismal? So bleak? I know they’re not always like this, but I definitely have a tear in my eye from this past one.
Went for daily walks on the beach and was amazed, yet again, on how vast, how beautiful our planets oceans can be. Watching the surfers was always a great past time, and now, with the added SUP surfers out there it’s even more exciting to watch. I didn’t end up getting ON the ocean, but I did find myself IN the ocean which should probably turn in to a new yearly promise to myself.
And tho I do so enjoy the ocean, it’s still nothing compared to my Moab life on the water. Alto our water temps have dropped (and they will probably plummet with this latest storm), our water levels are still hanging at a decent level for kayak surf, which is a passion of mine. This level is keeping the Trash Compactor running fun and bouncy and it’s looking like it’s going to hang tough until the snow falls. Judging by this weather it feels like the snow may fall sooner rather than later!!!

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