Low Westwater coming!

Here we are, at our usual beginning of the high water surge, and we’re all beginning to wonder if we have already seen our peak. The snow pack isn’t very large and at this point I’ve heard it’s mostly all up high in the mountains, so we’ll see how it bleeds down, but things aren’t looking great for much water this year.
As usual, that means that Westwater Canyon should be incredibly low and incredibly fun this year, so let me know if anyone is interested in joining up.

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California Surf vs Moab Surf

Just back from an incredible California vacation. So sunny, So warm, So much ocean – and then arriving back in Moab Utah to cloudy skies, dropping temps and BIG storm coming. Are returns from vacation always so dismal? So bleak? I know they’re not always like this, but I definitely have a tear in my eye from this past one.
Went for daily walks on the beach and was amazed, yet again, on how vast, how beautiful our planets oceans can be. Watching the surfers was always a great past time, and now, with the added SUP surfers out there it’s even more exciting to watch. I didn’t end up getting ON the ocean, but I did find myself IN the ocean which should probably turn in to a new yearly promise to myself.
And tho I do so enjoy the ocean, it’s still nothing compared to my Moab life on the water. Alto our water temps have dropped (and they will probably plummet with this latest storm), our water levels are still hanging at a decent level for kayak surf, which is a passion of mine. This level is keeping the Trash Compactor running fun and bouncy and it’s looking like it’s going to hang tough until the snow falls. Judging by this weather it feels like the snow may fall sooner rather than later!!!

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Westwater Canyon Trips

Canyon Voyages just got a few more permits for Westwater this Thursday 8/18 and Friday 8/19. The flow is running about 5,500 cfs so that means the rapids are out and super fun. The water temperature is around 71 degrees, so it’s warm and wet! Contact Canyon Voyages by clicking here or┬ácall 800-733-6007800-733-6007 if you are interested and have more questions.

The permits for Westwater are regulated by the state, so contact them soon as those spaces usually fill.

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Training on Westwater Canyon in July 2011

I went on a Westwater trip this past week doing some training for a newer boatmen and it was quite the exciting ride. Having been a commercial boatmen for over 20 years I was more calm about it all than I thought I’d be, altho I did wear my 24lb Grand Canyon lifejacket! The new boatmen did a great job; I only had to grab the oar once while we were running Little D and only yelled a command one other time right before the hit at Skull! He did awesome, and actually reads water really well, altho he’s new to being on the oars. If you haven’t run Westwater yet, you should give Canyon Voyages in Moab, Utah a call and get on one of our commercial trips. There’s quite a few launch dates in later August and Sept, so you should be able to get one that will match the date you need. Let them know you read this on our blog and we’ll see you soon!

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Westwater Canyon Rafting, Moab Utah

Canyon Voyages at 800-733-6007 has gotten a couple more one-day permits to run Westwater Canyon in the next week. There is space on this Friday 7/29 and next Tuesday 8/2/11. This is one heck of a good time with warm water, good rapids and fun, fun, fun. Permits are hard to get in that canyon, which makes it so you don’t run into a million other rafters as you do in non-permitted areas like Colorado. The water is finally dropping, which for a gorge run like Westwater that means the water is closer to the rocks that make the rapids and there fore MORE FUN!~
Give a call to sign up.

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Westwater Canyon Rafting Trip Discount

Canyon Voyages is offering a 20% discount on a July 17-18 overnight Westwater Canyon vacation. To sweeten the pot we will also include the camping gear to make your evening comfy. This is a GREAT trip with incredible scenery and super fun rapids. Westwater rapids are classified as III-with one IV, which means there are big waves and some moves to make. If you are in the paddle boat, then the guide will teach you the proper technique for paddling, or you can ride on the oar boat where the guide handles the oars and you hold on! Either way, it’s a fun two days to spend on the river.

Call 800-733-6007800-733-6007 if you have questions about this trip.

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Kayaking a Burn on the Colorado River in Moab Utah

Altho I haven’t spent much time creekin’ I did break down and buy a Pyranha Burn to use mostly as a river runner and so far it’s been super fun. Our Mighty Colorado River, outside of Moab Utah, is running about 35,000 cfs and having a bigger boat has been much more comfortable and stable. Bashed thru some big waves yesterday and that boat handles like a dream. I would highly recommend it for anyone interested in a boat that handles well, turns on a dime, rolls like butter and has super comfy outfitting.
Now I’ve got a Jackson boat for the play spots, and a Burn for bigger stuff…… what will be next??

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